While in Kenya, and after we return to the states, we’ll be working with Agape Children’s Ministry.  Agape’s ministry to the street boys of Kisumu, Kenya began in 1993 and has a four-fold purpose:

Rescue. Agape Children’s Ministry rescues children from the life-threatening dangers of the streets. We address their physical needs by providing a safe place to live, nutritious meals, clothing, and necessary medical care. We also seek to minister to their emotional and physiological needs.

Redeem. Agape provides an atmosphere of love and acceptance, where every boy is taught he is God’s unique and valued child. We share the life-changing message of the Gospel with them. As they come to know and experience Christ’s love and forgiveness, emotional wounds heal, and hope and purpose are restored.

Rehabilitate. Through academic and vocational training, boys are equipped to be independent and to live productive, contributive, Christ-centered lives when they leave Agape.

Reintegrate. We believe the best place for children to be is in their families and communities, connected with their roots and culture. Whenever possible we seek to return children to their homes and help their families to be able to care for them there. We also pray the boys will take the saving news of the gospel back to their villages.

Read more about Agape by clicking their logo above.


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  1. Dennis Kjeldgaard says:

    Merry Christmas to you and the family. When you get a chance email me your skype number I couldnt find it anywhere..

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